Saturday, May 23, 2009


Many of us have gone through sweet memorable affairs of the heart during our yesteryears & teens. For a moment, we have thought that those years have passed us, & all the beautiful words & phrases that were once with deep emotions, would fade away through times immemorial.

Sometimes, those thought were written down in rhymes & they chime...oh yes they do..!! Those words form the basis of poetry in motion.....

Poetry is the music of words... This language of love ensures, beautiful thoughts... feelings... solemn promises... esteem hopes & tender moments remain eternal through endless time.....!!

Sometimes, if we sit down & think about it, it may be true what Plato said; "Poets alter great & wise things which they themselves do not understand!!"

Maybe..... poetry is only understood by those who are.... may I say, "IN LOVE"?

Ok then... Lovers & friends, let me take you down memory lane.... into the enchanting world of poetry.... the essence of emotional expression deep from the heart.... the rendezvous of hearts, minds & souls...!!

Mere words are spoken.... heard once, and they fade away...... superficially & superfluously... and eventually lost in cyberspace... But with a touch of poetry, the heart is caressed gently & tenderly.... increasing the heartbeat with sheer excitement...!! The warmth glow that one could feel as he or she recites in melodious & melodramatic tone...!! Words that could reduce barbarians into gentle, loving gentlemen.... !! Such is the power of poetry in motion!!

Having said all that, I would like to introduce poems that you can match & express according to the situation that you are in...

For LOVERS, thinking of their love ones (this must be recited only when the sky is full of stars...hahaha!!):

I sit & watch the stars go by -
Alone again I sit & wonder why ...
I miss u so.

Someday perhaps, we will meet & talk -
Perhaps, hold hands...sharing kisses while we walk...
.... But till then.... I'll miss u so......

This one is great for LOVERS who would like to make promises.... especially before u depart overseas to further your studies.... or to reaffirm the strength of your feellings for your love ones:

In your heart,
I place my solemn & serene words
that remain eternal -

And in your heart,
I remain faithful (not faithfool ya!!) & loyal...
Like the waves of the sea
beating against the beach ... never ending ...

Because in your heart,
there is this lovely love story,
That we have made & shared together ...
it shall remain forever
until eternity...!!

And for those, who are in love, but with insufficient resources to take your love ones to fast food restaurants or mamak stall.... to woo your prospecting hearts, I recommend that you sing this poem with rich feelings (the pockets may be empty, but the hopes are not!!):

I bring no flowers,
becos they wither & die.
I do not believe in gifts
what money can buy -

I bring you words in poetry,
becos they are tender & everlasting ...
Poems of deep feelings ....
Words that flow .... fulfilling dreams...!!

Last but not least, something to melt his or her heart..... or to make them weak at the knees.... hehehe!! And remember that you have to memorise each and every words!! This is so that u go through a standard ritual, to perfect your practice. You cannot afford to to ill-read this masterpiece, can you .... or could you ... or would you...!!

So, choose a nite at Tugu Negara , maybe with drizzling rain slightly.... then with all your feelings, summon your inner gentler self. For guys, hold an expensive rose in you hand!! For ladies, get an expensive Guy LaRoche watch & dangle it or swing it about as you read this poem... OK??

...With strong conviction, read these:

My sweetheart,
I am here to say my love
with the wind serenading the nite with me

Millions of kisses I would give ...
for loving me... &
your love is always fervent .....

Although days have gone by
without seeing you,
word will not suffice
to say, that i miss u so -

My dearest,
everytime I long for you,
i wud repeat your name.
With rain pouring by
& with the heat that burn...
my love will never die ...!!

Like a monument it will stand.
Deep in my heart
I will not forget
those promises that we have shared -

Oh my siren....
I hope i am right...
i say this in the silence oif the nite...!!

- Pak Su Man... I remain.

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