Saturday, January 17, 2009

Same Pronounciation...But Different Meaning!!

Hi everyone!!
Today I would like to write about ENGLISH words that share similar PRONUNCIATION (or the same vocal sound) in the MALAY language. These English words have different SPELLING & carry a different MEANING when translated into Malay.

Small war...big war...fist fight...verbal confrontations are sometimes caused by such 'hilarious' or sometimes downright 'vulgar' WORDS when they are taken in a different context ...hahaha.... hikhikhik...wakakah....

Do you know of any words that fall into the same category, or shall I say "same predicament"? Ada yang very funny...(lawak gler!!) but ada yang downright vulgar..(oo...oohh). Add on if you do!!

So let's have a look at the lighter side of WORDS with almost similar pronunciation in both the ENGLISH and MALAY language:

HOUSE in English = HAUS in Malay means 'thirsty'!
YOUNG in English = YANG in Malay is an affectionate term for love ones!
MY in English = MAI in Malay means 'come' in Northern Malay dialect!
DO IT in English = DUIT in Malay means 'money'!
SUCK IT in English = SAKIT in Malay means 'pain'!
A WHAT(?) in English = AWAT(?) ....hahaha..this one, same meaning la..!!
HUNG in English = HANG in Malay means 'you' in Northern Malay dialect!
CAR KEY in English = KAKI in Malay means 'leg'
CHEESE in English = CIS(!) in malay is an exclamation of anger!!
ONE in English = WAN in malay is a hereditery title before the first name
PEE in English = PI in Malay means 'go'
JUMP in English = JAM in Malay is 'clock' or 'time' or 'hour'

Wow....those are only 'some' words....!!~
There are more I believe. Can you guys & gals come up with any..?

- Pak Su Man


Shima said...

you're so funny la...

Abdul Rahman said...

Ya I know la...hahaha...!!

Nadira said...

chick - cik(miss)
coat - kot
cut - kat
beanie - bini(wife)

pak su man said...

Yang ni boleh..
chick - cik(miss)

Yang ni....erm
coat - kot (meaning in malay..?)
cut - kat (ditto..?)
beanie - bini(wife) and beanie
makna apa yer...?

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