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Lessons from life: "A Clear Guide To Islam" by Amir Brooks

I would like to share an interesting website
"A Clear Guide To Islam" by Amir Brooks.

You see.last nite, I received an email from a nephew-in-law (husband of a niece residing in Australia) inquiring about the the wearing of headscarf, "Hijab" or also known as "Tudung".

My nephew-in-law is a Muslim convert, and I searched the net to see if there are articles or explanation which are simple to understand pertaining to this subject.

The layout of this website is very simple yet comprehensive. For anyone, be it a Muslim or Non-Muslim, Amir's website is very enlightening, informative and will develop a balance understanding about issues concerning Islam.

My search on the topic in question, i.e HIJAB, is in there.
So I clicked on the Topic "Sisters' Appearance", and here is a beautiful reading material, with a poem to go.... I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I do..
- Ayahanda a.k.a Pak Su Man

Source of reference: A CLEAR GUIDE TO ISLAM

The whole point of hijab is to protect a woman's modesty. Therefore, her clothes should not be tight so as to reveal the shape of the body, nor should it be transparent or in any way see-through.

A lot of muslim women, mainly from arab countries, wear a veil completely covering the face and gloves covering the hands and forearms (niqab). Some muslims regard this as obligatory, whereas most (myself included) see this as a matter of choice. I would only recommend this for sisters whose looks attract a lot of male attention and feel more comfortable wearing this.

Opponents of Islam often put across the argument that the requirement for hijab is oppressive and forces women into being second-class citizens. However, the truth is that it is completely the opposite, as this helps to protect women from men's roving eyes (after all, it is a natural tendency for men to look lustfully at attractive women).

This idea is well-conveyed in a poem emailed to my wife by a sister:
"Object of Despair" (by Fahim Firifiray - Abu Omar)

Emma is a lawyer, and Aisha is too
Colleagues going into court at circa half past two
Its 1 o'clock right now, they grab a bite before the trial
They chat about this and that, conversing with a smile

Aisha's in full hijab with a loose all over suit
Emma's in her business wear with accessories to boot
Emma's really quite bemused at Aisha's godly ways
She looks Aisha in the eyes and very firmly says:

"You're a smart girl Aisha, why do you wear that across your hair?
Subjugated by 'man'-kind, an object of despair
Take it off my sister, let your banner be unfurled
Don't blindly follow all around, DECLARE YOUR FREEDOM TO THE WORLD!"

Aisha is amazed, but not the least bit shy
She bravely puts her milk shake down and gives Emma the reply
"My dear sister Emma, why do you dress the way you do?
The skirt you're wearing round your waist, is it really you?"

"Now that we've sat down, I see you tug it across your thighs
Do you feel ashamed, aware of prying eyes?
I see the way you're sitting, both legs joined at the knees
Who forces you to sit like that? Do you feel at ease?"

"I'll tell you who obliges you to dress the way you do
Gucci, Klein and St. Laurent all have designs on you!
In the main, it's men my friend who dictate the whims of fashion
Generating all the garb to incite the basest passion"

"'Sex Sells' - there is no doubt, but who buys with such great haste
The answer is the likes of you because they want to be embraced
They want to be accepted on a level playing field
Sure, with brain and intellect, but with body parts revealed"

"Why do you douse yourself with creams, to make your skin so milky?
Why do rip off all your hair to keep your body silky?
A simple shower's all you need to stay respectable and clean
The time and money that you spend is really quite obscene"

"Why do you wake up at dawn to apply a firm foundation,
Topped with make up and the like in one chaotic combination?
And if you should have to leave the house devoid of this routine
Why do you feel so insecure that you should not be seen?"

"Be free my sister Emma, escape from your deep mire
Don hijab today my friend, and all Islam's attire
Avoid all those sickly stares, or whistles from afar
Walk down the street with dignity, take pride in who you are"

"Strength lies in anonymity, be a shadow in the crowd
Until you speak and interact when your voice will carry loud
You're a smart girl Emma, wear this across your hair
Don't be subjugated by "man"-kind, an object of despair"

"To use your very words my friend, Let your banner be unfurled
Don't blindly follow all around - DECLARE YOUR FREEDOM TO THE WORLD!

It's also no surprise to know that in muslim societies where the majority of women wear hijab, things like adultery, underage or unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexually-motivated crimes such as rape are all markedly rarer in countries where women have more 'freedom'.
Sisters' Appearance - A Clear Guide to Islam
Source: www.bahagia.btinternet.co.uk
Perhaps the most distinctive (and for some, controversial) aspect as far as women's appearance is concerned is the requirement for hijab. This is covering up the body in public so that only the face and hands are visible. ...

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