Sunday, October 25, 2009

Melodramatic Paraphrase from the Kedah dialect

The Kedah people has a unique way of expressing how they feel, and even certain actions in the day to day conversation. They use a lot of melodramatic paraphrase words to bring most expression to life!!

This is to done with accompanying melodious, almost musical-like intonations!! Somehow listener is drawn into the conversation & he/she will be able to 'see' & 'feel' the words..... Here are some samples:

Dia sakit NYUT-NYUT ... to emphasize intensity of throbbing pain (e.g headache!!)
Dia sakit NGAP-NGAP ... to emphasize intensity of sharp pain (e.g toothache!!)
Keras KEDEKIANG ... to emphasize mega toughness or hardness of something (e.g meat, chicken meat)
Sejok GEDI ..... to emphasize extremities of condition like really cold water during bath, shower, or even food & beverages)

And here are sample of melodious intonation to further express & re-emphasize the magnitude and extremity of the verb... . the sentence will be said like this:

Kepala DIA SAKIT (Stop a while..then continue, take a deep breadth first, then say the next word ). NYOOOOOOOT, NYOOOOOOOT!! (The 'ooot' sound is stretch and melodramatically expressed with a melting eerie melting voice..!!)

Similarly for,

To express a HARD or tough food or thing, here's a sample of how to say it:
Kueh cakoi tu KERAS, KEDEKIANG
(when u come to the word 'KERAS', it is said like this; KER..RUST, KER-THE-KIANG (kiang sound as in young...hehehe!!).


syukrina othman said...

Salam paksu..
Hee..itu lah keunikan kedah yang dilihat dari dialeknya..
If kat brunei melodi cara percakapan secara "melandeh", tapi tak semua tempat, only certain tempat & people..

Ayahanda a.k.a Pak Su Man said...

Alaikum salam Syukrina.
Memang unik pon pelet Kedah niiiee...
Pak Su sampai la ni pon tak boleh nak ikut pelet Selangor, walau pon dah 20 tawon (tahun)duduk sini...hehehe

Terima kasih kerana sudi komen kat blog Pak Su no...