Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Greetings For My Daughter

Happy Birthday Anak Ku Zalikha 'Aliah!!

Dear anak ku:

Today is the 29th of December
The date that Mom & I will always remember
The date that you were born, our only daughter
And with every birthday, we offer our do'a for your happiness, on earth & thereafter.

It took Mom, 9 months & 10 days, to carry you around
Finally when it was time, the anxiety was over when you came down
I was there to see you came in this world too
Thanking Allah the Al-Mighty & offering prayers for Mom & you.

You were a baby then... like it was yesterday
Learning many things along the way
And suddenly, we see a lovely gal today
Celebrating her 16th birthday!

There are still many things to learn
There are still many things to do
We will continue to give you the guidance
We will be here for you.

Of course we will not be here forever
But Allah is always your provider & protector

Remember to perform your solat & prayers
Remember to love & respect your brothers
Remember to greet our neighbours
Remember to give sympathy & smile to the poor
Treat with kindness those who are old & weak
Say lots of thank you...plezz...and may I help you...

Always be humble ...

Things that u dont know, SEEK & ASK
Things that you know, SHARE & TELL

Remember, there is no such thing as copyright
Allah The AlMighty,
has never copyright His Book The Al-Qur'an for us to learn & acquire knowledge..

Rasulullah had taught us everything that he knew..

So, always share,
always give...
& you will gain more,
the more you share & give, insyaAllah.

There are so much more that I would like to say
But I think I will reserve some for your 17th birthday!!

Happy Birthday anak ku Zalikha
May Allah give you the best in health,
grant you rahmat, berkat & hidayat in all things that you do, Ameen!!

From your loving Ayah....


syukrina othman said...

sanah helwah ya gamilah to your lovely daughter paksu..
semoga sentiasa dirahmati & diberkati setiap nafasnya ameennn..

Pak Su Man MAS said...

Assalamu'alaikum Syukrina.
Thanks a million trillion times for your wishes & do'a for my daughter Zalikha 'Aliah..
May Allah bestow upon you too, the best health, good life & lifelong rezki, ameen..

syakinah saffarudin said...

salam uncle, ur daughter's birthday same wif my sista..i wish ur daughter will be a good person in future n may Allah bless her always..n i wish her gud luck for her spm soon..


Pak Su Man MAS said...

Wa'alaikumussalam Syakinah!
Jutaan tengkiu mengkiu for your birthday greetings & do'a for my daughter Zalikha 'Aliah. My salam, and belated "Selamat Hari Jadi", and also do'a to your sister on her recent birthday. Semuga Allah berkati & give happiness in your current & future endevours, bring much happiness n joy to u & family, Ameen...! Please convey my greetings to your sister, TQ

syakinah saffarudin said...

i will..send my regard to ur family..i like ur blog uncle..it is SUPERB..

Pak Su Man MAS said...

Thank you Syakinah. Cuma I am not that active as my son's blog (Nabil Aizat). The idea comes spontan, then i will write, sometimes malas..hehee.
But I like to write something that comes from the heart, life experiences to serve as a reminder to me, n sharing that reminder with others too.
Glad that u like my blog, it is a simple thoughts from a simple old man. Try visiting Nabil's blog too. He is very creative, I really enjoyed reading his posts..
Have a nice day anak ku.

Dashing Days said...

salam uncle.ur daughter birthday mmg same dgn my birthday.wow akhirnye i jumpe jgk orang yg same birthday dgn i.sgt jarang jumpe.hehe
happy blated birthday to zalikha.ALLAH bless u n ur fam alwaiz.success in ur life.=)

Pak Su Man MAS said...

Hi Dashing Days.
You have a dashing Blog name!! Thank u many million times for reading my post, and a special belated Happy Birthday wish to you too.

Here's a simple poem for you:
Happy Birthday to Dashing days
Who shares the same b/date as Zalikha
InsyaAllah, successful in yor ways
For today, tomorrow & there after..!

Wassalam anak ku.

Salmiyati Raus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pak Su Man MAS said...

Dear Salmi.
Terima kasih kerana visit blog Pak Su man yang tidak seberapa ini.

Disamping itu, izinkan Pak Su Man Berkongsi ilmu:
Yang muda kita disayangi...
Yang tua kita dihormati...
Kasih ibu sepanjang zaman...
Kasih ayah tiada sempadan...

Ini telah nasihat & pegangan yang Pak su man amalkan ...
InsyaAllah, hidup pun lebih bermakna didalam perhubungan serta pergaulan kita dengan ibu-bapa, kakak-abang-adik, dan juga semua lapisan umur...

Pak Su Man juga doa'akan pada setiap tarikh hari lahir Salmi; semuga Allah:
- mudahkan segala perjalanan serta usaha kamu.
- beri kamu rahmat & berkat didalam setiap urusan kamu.
- beri kamu kelembutan didalam segal interaksi kamu sesama manusia.
- beri kamu kebaikan didunia & diakhirat...

- Pak Su Man

Salmiyati Raus said...

terima kasih Pak Su Man.
thanx a lot,, Saya hargai sgt2 nasihat & ingatan tue. Semoga Allah melindungi Pak Su & keluarga,,

Pak Su Man MAS said...


Marie Wright said...

Awww, what a very touching post.
Actually, this is one of the sweetest birthday wishes for daughter I've seen so far.
Happy birthday to the precious lady.


Pak Su Man MAS said...

Dear Marie.
Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Yes my daughter has grown up & will be 19 this coming December 2013. May we continue to be her guiding star through many years to come, ameen. Have a lovely day to you too, and your family as well.

Warmest regards,
Abdul Rahman a.k.a Pak Su Man